Secret Snake

Objekt - Secret Snake

Objekt self-prescribes within the cracks between genres. In his bio, he takes a bit of a piss:

Adventures in machine music built to make subs rattle and feet wiggle; a convoluted mess of elektrology and teknology, 3-step, bass-core, post windmill, proto-minimal wankstep, gondola, shithouse, acid wonk, ambient gabber, no more, no less.

While I do wish I knew what “ambient gabber” sounded like, the point is this: Objekt is a somewhat genre-defying entity. There is, of course, the over-arching umbrellas of techno and bass music that’s mostly present in his music, but he is otherwise a bit of a lone wolf that doesn’t shy away from sound design or IDM or elements that may otherwise escape the typical techno artist.

What I like about “Secret Snake” is that it doesn’t give a fuck. It goes from here to there and here again. It is clinically techno, but far from stuffy, repetitive, or overplayed. “Secret Snake” explores lots of ground in six minutes.

We can only assume there is another song after “Secret Snake” based on the way that it ends, and, of course, there is. Looking at Cocoon Death’s track listing, “Another Knot” follows “Secret Snake”.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel occasional kraut sensibilities coming from Objekt’s music. “Secret Snake” falls into that. Certain lines and sounds have a modular feel to them. Objekt manages to take elements like these and frame them inside bass music in a nice way.

Cocoon Death comes out on PAN in November 2019.